Shallow Levée 淺堤

Formed in 2016 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Shallow Levée is an alternative rock band comprised of

vocalist/guitarist Yi-Ling

drummer Sam

bassist Patrick

and guitarist Hong Cha.

With music and lyrics primarily written by Yi-Ling, songs sung in both Mandarin and Taiwanese, their music is best known for not only the poetic reflection on themselves and society, but the unique gentle warmth that stems from their hometown.

For many, Shallow Levée first came to the fore in their native land when the single "Excavator," taken from their debut EP, garnered a nomination for “Best Rock Song” at the 2016 Golden Indie Music Awards.

They went on to release their second EP “Soup&Ocean” in 2017 and received more recognitions from critics and fans, leading them to be invited to perform in multiple famous festivals such as Megaport Festival in Taiwan and Greenplugged Seoul in Korea.

Always melodious and ever of an emotive mindset, Shallow Levée continued their musical evolution in 2020 with the June release of their debut full-length album “The Village”, which then earned them their second Golden Indie Music Awards nomination for “Best Rock Album” in the same year.

Their second album “Endless Playlist”, which was released in December 2021, has also received numerous praise. They completed their second national album tour in 2022, attracting more than 2500 fans which is another major milestone.