Sorry Youth 拍謝少年

Band |Guitar Weni / Bass Giang Giang / Drum Chung-Han

A power trio formed by guitarist Weni, bassist Giang Giang, and drummer Chung-Han, Sorry Youth is one of the few indie bands in Taiwan committed to write all of their songs in the native Taiwanese language.

Their song arrangement aims to catch the raw spirit of live rock music, and their goal is to write Taiwanese hits that even grandmas and grandpas will approve. Their alternative rock debut, Seafood, was released in 2012 and has since established the band's style. 2017’s Brothers Shouldn’t Live Without Dreams won a Golden Melody Award and a Golden Indie Music Award, cementing the band’s status as the most important creative force

among indie bands in Taiwan.

Sorry Youth is a regular of music festivals at home and abroad, playing shows in Japan, Korea, Canada, and Hong Kong. Released in the spring of 2021, Sorry Youth’s new album, Bad Times, Good Times, also won the best rock album of Golden Indie Music Award, will continue to accompany everyone through the ups and downs of life.



Bad Times GoodTimes



Brothers Shouldn'tLive Without Dreams





2021 歹勢好勢 Bad Times Good Times

2017 兄弟沒夢不應該 Brothers Shouldn't Live Without Dreams

2012 海口味 Seafood


2021 金音獎最佳搖滾專輯 Golden Indie Music Awards : Best Rock Album

2018 金音獎最佳搖滾專輯 Golden Indie Music Awards : Best Rock Album

2018 金曲獎最佳裝幀設計 Golden Melody Awards : Best Album Design


2022 SXSW (U.S)

2022 大港開唱 Megaport Festival Main Stage

2021 Mondo Music Festival(U.S.)

2021 Zandari Festa (Korea)

2020 山盟海誓音樂祭 Wind&Current Festival Present by Sorry Youth

2019 Fireball Fest 火球祭

2019 Zandari Festa (Korea)

2019 shima fes SETOUCHI (Japan)

2019 森、道、市場 Mori Michi Ichiba (Japan)

2019 Taiwan Fest Canada (Canada)

2016 METZ (Canada) Taiwan Tour Guest

2015 Summer Sonic (Tokyo)





Label:Feeling Good Music